First Year Fest

2018 First Year Fest Pre-Orientation Program

Hillel’s Pre-Orientation and Shabbat Experience for Incoming First Years

Dates: August 17th-18th

What is First Year Fest?

First Year Fest is a pre-orientation program for incoming students offered by Hillel and coordinated by Hillel staff and Hillel student leaders. First Year Fest involves get to know you activities, getting acquainted with Goucher’s Campus, and allows students to move into their residence halls early.

Why participate in First Year Fest?

This program is a great way for incoming students to meet upperclassmen and other incoming students even before Orientation. Incoming students also get better acquainted with Goucher and college life and they will also enjoy a special Shabbat experience together.

Who is First Year Fest for?

Everyone! It doesn’t matter if you are an incoming first-year student or a transfer student. Hillel will offer fun activities for everyone regardless of your Jewish background or interests. All food will be provided by Hillel and is under kashrut supervision.

Additional Questions?

Do you have any additional questions about First Year Fest? Call Rachel Plotkin, at (410) 337-6545, or E-mail